Bloodborne HIV: Don't Get Stuck!

Protect yourself from bloodborne HIV during healthcare and cosmetic services


After two people died of AIDS and four others were found with HIV in early 2018 in Kim Thuong Commune, a remote community two hours north of Hanoi, health officials investigated in July 2018, taking blood from 500 persons in the community. Forty-two tested HIV-positive, including an 18-month-old baby.[1]

“…local residents suspect that a local nurse…had used the same needle for injecting several patients, and this could have caused the HIV outbreak… Initial investigation has found most of the infected people used to go to an unlicensed clinic he ran at home to get injections…”


1. Vietnam Investigated abnormal HIV outbreak in northern province. VN Express international, 14 August 2018. Available at: (accessed 12 October 2018).


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