Bloodborne HIV: Don't Get Stuck!

Protect yourself from bloodborne HIV during healthcare and cosmetic services

Let’s stop HIV in Africa. What are you waiting for?

Question for African governments: Why haven’t you investigated unexplained HIV infections?

Question for CDC, UNAIDS, WHO: How can you say you want health care to be safe in Africa, but then NOT challenge governments to investigate unexplained infections?

Questions for people living in African: Do you know anyone who is HIV-positive who denies sexual risks? Do you believe them? Have you heard of a child with HIV but with an HIV-negative mother? If they got HIV from health care, you and your loved ones are also at risk. When are you going to ask your government to investigate unexplained infections to find and stop any hospital or clinic that has been infecting patients?

Question for researchers: Why haven’t you tried to find out how people got HIV: trace and test partners: ask where people got skin-piercing treatments?

Question for anyone: Why do you accept racist, sexual fantasies to explain Africa’s HIV epidemics? Yes, sex is a personal risk for HIV, but what is different in Africa that could explain Africa’s terrible HIV epidemics is not sexual behavior but unreliably sterile injections, infusions, and other health care procedures.

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