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Congo (Brazzaville): cases and investigations

Unexpected HIV infections in children:

Unexpected HIV infections in adults, 2009: A random sample national survey in Congo tested 6,438 women aged 15-49 years for HIV. Women who said they never had a sex partner in their life (who said they were virgins) were more likely to be HIV-positive than all women: 4.2% of virgins were infected compared to 4.1% of all women. Source: Table 7.5 in: Centre National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques (CNSEE). Enquête de Séroprévalence et sur les Indicateurs du Sida du Congo (ESISC-I) 2009. Brazzaville: CNSEE, 2009. Available at: (accessed 11 January 2012).

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