Bloodborne HIV: Don't Get Stuck!

Protect yourself from bloodborne HIV during healthcare and cosmetic services


This part of the website is a forum for readers to share the tools they have developed and put into use to educate the public about bloodborne risks.

Counseling scripts and supports

Bachi Medical Centre, Uganda, has begun to use this Antenatal Counseling Guide (there is also a 414kb version with most of the pictures removed for faster downloading). This guide is designed to warn women about bloodborne risks for HIV. This not only gives them information to protect themselves and their families from HIV infections, but also reduces the potential for family strife over HIV infection, by showing that an HIV infection is not a reliable sign of sexual (mis)behavior.

Posters, leaflets for public education about bloodborne risks

So far, no one has submitted anything to share. Do you have something?

Draft letters and ministry of health announcements to initiate an outbreak investigation

Does anyone have anything to share?

Other tools?

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