Bloodborne HIV: Don't Get Stuck!

Protect yourself from bloodborne HIV during healthcare and cosmetic services

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Welcome all!

The purpose of this blog and website is to help people protect themselves from HIV during medical and cosmetic procedures, such as getting an injection, having one’s head shaved, getting a tattoo or pedicure, or going to the dentist. Check through the A-Z of site content to see if you might be taking any risks!

We intend to develop this site with contributions from visitors. We’d like to include posters and other training materials, couselling guides, and whatever else might be useful to help people recognize and avoid HIV from blood contacts.

Substantial updates and improvements will be highlighted in the blog. We will also list pertinent articles that appear mentioning HIV transmission through healthcare and cosmetic procedures.

If you have any comments, please write. In addition to this blog, you can find a comment form on every page. We will try to get back to you, and we will consider every comment, but we can’t promise to comply with every request!

Also, you can sign up to receive updates, as and when they appear, by using the email subscription ‘Sign me up!’ button on the right.

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