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UNAIDS and Uganda: Prejudice Begets Prejudice

Using UNAIDS’ inherently flawed Modes of Transmission spreadsheet, the Zambian government have decided that men who have sex with men (along with their assumed female partners) give rise to 1.4% of new HIV cases every year. Not a high percentage. But even African countries which use alternative means of estimating also come up with a relatively low figure.

Despite the fact that the contribution is known to be low, some don’t seem to be able to resist the temptation to whip out the homophobia card at every opportunity. The current anti-gay frenzy in Uganda may have been stirred up by various conservative evangelical Christian groups, but it has become a useful political tool; whenever anyone mentions anything political, someone starts spewing out homophobic bilge. What are purely homophobic attacks are then dressed up as part of an anti-HIV strategy.

Spurious figures from UNAIDS for the proportion of HIV transmission said to be a result of some kind of illicit sexual behavior are used to support an assumption that anyone with HIV has engaged in illicit sex. Therefore, even though the contribution of men who have sex with men is not high, it’s an easy step to just point the finger at any group you hate, or whose behavior you consider to be wrong (or ‘sinful’), and blame them.

But the Ugandan government has tried to claim that its homophobic act (the Anti-Homosexuality act of 2014) does not put healthcare employees in the position where they must choose between running the risk of accusations of ‘promoting the act of homosexuality’ or ‘abetting homosexuality’ and the like, which carry a heavy sentence, or breaching their ethical and professional codes of conduct (and international human rights agreements). The government’s “Ministerial Directive on Access to Health Services without Discrimination” does not explain how healthcare workers should resolve this dilemma.

The trumped up nonsense about gay people ‘recruiting’ youth is reminiscent of other rabid conservative fundamentalist claptrap that has fed the media for decades. But the ‘blame the victim’ mentality and the finger pointing at assumed sexual behavior of African people in the field of HIV comes directly from UNAIDS and the HIV industry. There’s a gem of wisdom from their former Chief Scientist on this blog post, but it’s pure redneck, so prepare to be offended.

The best way to defuse this obsession with linking HIV to things various atavistic parties consider evil, such as male to male sex, or sex between African people (and between African Americans), is to trace the non-sexual as well as the sexual contacts of people testing positive. It will then become clear that the virus can also be transmitted through unsafe healthcare, cosmetic and traditional practices, and not just through unsafe sexual behavior.

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